Missing Pancakes Due to Food Allergies?

Photo by Ioana Motoc on Pexels.com

People who have allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances to foods miss foods they used to eat. It can be really discouraging to find an alternative that even comes close to what we remember. For so many of us, favorite foods are comfort food that ties us back to a time of the year, holidays, happy memories, time with loved ones, etc.

Pancakes were one of those foods for my family. There is just something very cozy about whipping up a batch of pancakes smothered in butter and maple syrup that made the world feel a happy place to be.

So, when my family kept trying to make pancakes with ingredients we could safely eat, the result was overwhelming. We were trying recipes that used gluten-free flour, egg replacers, and dairy-free milk that just weren’t working out. The egg replacers were the biggest culprit. How do we make pancakes without eggs?

We went back to researching more recipes until we found we could use bananas as a replacement for eggs. In the past, I found using gluten-free oat flour was a great alternative to gluten-free flour. It was especially helpful as a binding agent and didn’t need Xanthium or other gums to bind the ingredients.

Armed with the basis of an oat flour and banana pancake recipe to work from, the testing began. The first attempt at making them was a significant improvement over the previous pancake recipes, but it lacked in flavor. The next attempt was almost nailing the flavor we were missing, with a few adjustments.

The winning version of our pancakes is in the recipe section of this website. We compared the texture and flavor of the pancakes more to french toast, especially with the added chopped pecans and chocolate chips.

Let me know what you think about these healthy pancakes. I’d love to hear how they worked for you and any modifications you used to adapt the recipe to make it safe to eat for you.

The following featured products are in the recipe above. You can find them in your local health food markets.

Published by The Food Allergy Detective

I have a strong background in the health care industry with over 20 years in underwriting health insurance products, health insurance financial analysis; 16 years in operating a therapeutic massage and energy work business. I have recently earned my certification in case studies. This form of copywriting and other copywriting programs led me to create this website. I have been living with food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances since birth and the list of foods I can no longer eat just keeps growing longer. My family also struggles with similar food issues. With all the research and recipes I'm developing to address our unique allergies, I decided to share this journey with you. Whether you also have food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances, I hope that the information and recipes I'm providing here will help you or someone you know. I welcome you and am grateful that you visited. Please leave comments and feedback. I'm learning to build this website, so bear with me. It's all a big adventure in learning and I love the challenge! Bon appétit and good luck on your journey!

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